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Gerriets - Your Partner For Over 70 Years


Serving the North American market since 1979, Gerriets International is based in Ewing, New Jersey, where our facilities include a sewing workshop and stock warehouse.

Gerriets, was founded more than 70 years ago as a wholesale textile vendor in Germany. Today Gerriets has grown into an international company, providing theatrical equipment systems and scenery products to customers all over the world. Corporate headquarters are located in Umkirch, Germany, with a large-scale manufacturing facility in Volgelsheim, France. North American operations are based in Ewing, NJ, with additional subsidiaries/distributors located 18 countries: Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.


The Gerriets product line spans four broad categories: fabrics, flooring, projection surfaces, and technical systems.Textiles include traditional theatrical fabrics, such as velour and sharkstooth scrim, as well as acoustical drapery, special effects fabrics, and fabrics developed specifically for the film and television industries.Gerriets started manufactuing dance floor in the 1970s and the line has grown to include over 15 different flooring options for dance, special events, exhibits and the stage. For projection, Gerriets manufactures a comprehensive range of front, rear, and front-and-rear projection screens, portable frame systems, and roller screen systems. Technical systems by Gerriets include modular track systems for moving curtains and scenery, Stratus vertical-lift curtain systems, Kabuki curtain-drop systems, and stage platform components.

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