Developed by dancers for dancers!

VARIO ALLROUND is a professional vinyl dance floor developed in collaboration with Gregor Seyffert & Company, a leading international dance company. The floor is manufactured with a glass fiber reinforced mesh which keeps it dimensionally stable and lays completely flat, a perfect floor for studio or touring installations. It also features a cushioned backing that reduces stress on the muscles and joints as well as a matte, slip-resistant surface, all of which makes it the floor of choice for professional dancers. VARIO ALLROUND can be used as a portable floor or installed semi-permanently or permanently with adhesive.

VARIO ALLROUND is a dance vinyl designed for all forms of Contemporary Dance, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Salsa, Zoomba, Aerobic Activities, and Yoga. The cushioning offers some protection against hard surfaces, and it can also be used over a sprung floor or portability over a stage when cushioning is needed.

Prices shown are per linear yard. 

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