Your Go-To Source for Soft Goods and Theatrical Equipment

Gerriets has been a trusted partner to professionals throughout the entertainment industry for 70 years. Our clients range from community theaters to major professional companies, from small performance venues to iconic opera houses and symphony halls, from independent galleries to world-class museums, and from television studios to touring production companies.

Stage Curtains & Custom Sewing

Our facilities include a 10,000-square-foot state-of-the-art sewing workshop, where our team of expert seamstresses transform the Gerriets line of 600+ fabrics into an endless array of curtains, drapery, drops, and scrims-from small-scale to monumental and from simple to ornate.

Custom Projection Screens

First established back in the 1970s as one of the first projection screen welding shops in Europe, our facilities have continued to evolve and expand with advancing technology and increasing demand. Today, many thousands of square meters of PVC projection screens are welded by seasoned operators on specially adapted high-frequency welding machines to achieve virtually invisible seams for screens up to 328 feet wide x 65 feet high.

Digital Printing

Gerriets offers custom digital printing on a vast range of FR and non-FR fabrics as well as on flooring products and projection screens. Our many FR fabrics for digital printing include coated and non-coated and range from sheers to muslin and from metallics to sharkstooth scrim. Gerriets pioneered the technology for printing on projection screen surfaces 20 years ago and continues to be an industry leader while producing visually stunning, translucent, large-scale backdrops.

Custom Laser Cut Fabrics

Laser cut fabrics offer dimensionality, texture, and overall visual interest that goes way beyond flat fabrics. Gerriets specializes in all aspects of creating drapery and other scenic elements in custom laser-cut fabrics.Our CAD department will work with you to engineer a computer-driven layout for precision-cutting any pattern-repeating or nonrepeating, simple or ultra intricate. We can also work with you to devise the overall design of the drapery and fabricate the finished piece.

Design and Installation

Gerriets can work with you to plan and visualize a project. We routinely collaborate with consultants, designers, and technical directors throughout the "on-paper" stages of a project. Our manufacturing specialists and metalworkers work in close collaboration with our engineers and construction department to custom-build track systems and modify our other technical products to meet the specific and ever-changing requirements of the theater, event, exhibition, and architecture sectors. Our expert technicians are also available to execute on-site installation.

Screen and Kabuki Rental

With the most comprehensive large-format rental inventory in the U.S, Gerriets is the trusted source for front-and-rear projection screens. We stock a wide range of sizes, up to 30' highx 60' wide, and we welcome special requests in an effort to accommodate your needs. We also have a large rental inventory of Kabuki drop systems packaged in user-friendly, all-inclusive kits ready for installation. Our Kabuki systems have been trusted by professionals all across the entertainment and event industry to deliver, at the push of a button, a reliable Kabuki effect time after time.

Stock Warehouse

Quick turnaround times? No worries! We stock, in both our New Jersey and Las Vegas locations, the essential theatrical fabrics most often needed: muslin, scrim, duvetyne/commando, velour, chromakey, stretch fabrics, event fabrics and Contra-H & O textural fabric.