The Safe and Proven Lifting Device

Our BATTEN CLEW is a unique load distribution system for stage battens. It joins together up 12 battens to carry heavy scenic elements that could not normally be lifted by a single line set or electric winch. With the BATTEN CLEW the load is optimally distributed even with slight deviations in the positioning of the battens. Due to the even load distribution, the Safe Working Load can be locally increased up to 12 times.

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Batten Clew

The Gerriets Batten Clew is an innovative load distribution device that was developed by the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, Germany. The Batten Clew allows heavy loads to be evenly distributed over several pipe battens using a theater’s existing overhead rigging system. The existing rigging system now becomes more useful and efficient with the use of the Batten Clew.

The Gerriets Batten Clew is available in eight different versions that can accommodate the mechanical connection of between two and twelve pipes depending on the pipe batten diameter and on-center dimensions. The result is the ability to safely lift loads from 1000 kg up to 6,000 kg. This is based on a certified load rating of 1000 kg per batten. It is highly recommended that only qualified trained rigging technicians use and operate rigging systems that use the Batten Clew.

The system is modular and is based on two principal designs; 2-Way and 3-Way clew assemblies. For example, the 4-Way Batten Clew is designed around two 2-Way clew assemblies and the 8-Way Batten Clew is designed around two 4-way Batten Clews that can be disassembled and used individually. The Batten Clew comes standard with round hooks for 70 mm diameter pipe battens. Other shape hooks can be custom ordered to support rectangular of square tube profiles.

Multiple batten clews can be used in tandem only if you can guarantee that the movement (whether manual or motorized) will be perfectly synchronized.


Technical Data

  • Safe Working Load SWL per hook when closed and secured: 500 kg.
  • Hook/Pipe Diameter: 70 mm.
  • Connection pin diameter: 20 mm.
  • Connection pin diameter for 6-Way Batten Clew and above: 30 mm.
  • Pipe batten on-center distance: equal Hook on-center distance.
  • Hook on-center distance: 200 mm (standard) / 250 mm / 300 mm / 350 mm / 400 mm.