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Bring Gerriets professional quality dance floors home with our new home dance studio products! Our floors, which have been used for over 40 years in dance studios and on stages all over the world, have been re-engineered for use at home. Our professional-quality Marley Floors are now available as dance mats and our Sprung Floors are available as smaller, more portable, dance boards. For the ultimate home dance experience, ask about our VARIO ERGODANCE Home Sprung Floor Kit, which can fill any size room with high quality sprung dance floor with only a few hours of work. 

Gerriets offers the solutions to your home dance floor needs – please CALL (800) 369-3695 or EMAIL US to upgrade your home dance experience.

VARIO CLASSIC Reversible Dance Mat

For ALL dance styles, from ballet, to modern to tap.

VARIO CLASSIC Reversible is now available in your home as the VARIO CLASSIC Reversible Dance Mat! This extremely durable floor has been used all around the world by dance studios and professional dance troupes. The Dance Mat is a 5'-3" wide x 10'-0" long piece of 1.2 mm thick vinyl floor, frequently called "marley floor" in the dance industry, and is perfectly sized for rolling out in your living room or spare bedroom. When finished dancing, simply roll up the floor on the supplied tube and store it under a bed or in your closet. This floor is best used over hard surface and not recommended for use over carpeting.

Roll Size: 5'-3" x 10'-0", Color: Black/White Reversible($250.00), Call 609-771-8111 or click the link to order.

Sprung Ballet Practice Floor

For most dance styles, from ballet, to modern.

Never practice on your concrete basement floor again! Our Sprung Ballet Practice Floor lets you practice all the leaps and turns you can while keeping your joints safe and sound. The 5'x5' sprung ballet floor incorporates our VARIO 2.0 heavy-duty marley dance floor surface with 9-ply baltic birch plywood and engineered foam pads to create a safe dance surface in almost any location. Best of all, the floor simply folds in half for convenient storage and portability. Use it with our easy to assemble Home/Student Ballet Barre for a complete home studio experience. 

Floor Size: 5'-0" x 5'-0" x 1.5", Storage Size: 5'-0" x 2'-6" x 3", Color: Black, ($750.00), Call 609-771-8111 or click the link to order.

Sprung Tap Practice Board

For Tap.

Tap your cares away! Our Sprung Tap Practice Board lets you rehearse all the flaps, slaps, and wings you can without damaging your floor or your joints. The 4' x 2'-8" sprung tap floor is made from 9-ply 3/8" thick baltic birch plywood with an oiled finish and engineered foam pads to create the perfect tap surface for anywhere in your home. The practice board has a fabric carrying strap on the bottom so you can easily bring it to wherever you need to practice.

Floor Size: 4'-0" x 2'-8" x 1.4", Weight: 19 lbs, Color: Wood, ($300.00), Call 609-771-8111 or click the link to order.

Movement Platform Pro

For Tap and all other dances (with use of Vario Dance Mat)

The ultimate dance platform! The Movement Platform Pro is a professional level tap surface for in-home dance training. Its oak veneer surface is made to withstand the most rigorous tap routines while giving you the proper spring and cushion to maintain your joints and ligaments. For other dances, you can simply roll out a piece of marley (like our VARIO DANCE MAT) on top for all other forms of dance such as ballet and jazz. The brilliance of the Movement Platform Pro is that it is easily expandable! The base product is a 5' x 5' dance board that splits into two 5' x 2.5' end pieces. These pieces simply snap together. Additional sprung pieces can be purchased to expand the floor into a 7.5' x 5' floor or even a 10' x 5' floor. This makes it perfect for when you need to practice more complicated routines at home that require a large amount of movement. 

Standard floor size: 5'-0" x 5'-0", Weight: 80 lbs, Color: Oak Veneer, ($950.00), Call 609-771-8111 or click the link to order.

Expansion pieces: 5'-0" x 2'-6", Weight: 40 lbs, Color: Oak Veneer, ($525.00)

Home/Student Ballet Barre

Practice makes perfect! Our Home/Student Ballet Barre lets you warm up and stretch in the comfort of own home. The Barre is made of lightweight aluminum and is easily assembled with an included Allen key. This self-supporting ballet barre measures 4' long x 3'-3" high and has a 2'-6" base for optimal support. Pair with our portable Sprung Ballet Practice Floor for the perfect home ballet studio experience.

Assembled Size: 4'-0" x 3'-3" x 2'-6", Weight: 14 lbs, Color: Silver, ($200.00), Call 609-771-8111 or click the link to order.

VARIO ERGODANCE Home Sprung Floor Kit

For All Styles of Dance

Looking for the ultimate home studio floor? Get the professional experience with our VARIO ERGODANCE Home Sprung Floor Kit. VARIO ERGODANCE is our top of the line sprung floor system, built for touring the world with the most intense dance shows. It is manufactured from heavy-duty 3/4" 13-ply baltic birch plywood and engineered 2-ply elastomer pads. This kit includes three 6'-6" x 3'-3" panels and three 3'-3" x 3'-3" panels, which are easily assembled into a roughly 10'x10' square using only an Allen wrench. The kit also includes our VARIO CLASSIC Reversible marley floor to cover the top of the 10'x10' floor and a roll of tape to secure the marley. If 10'x10' is too small for your home studio, feel free to reach out and contact us for custom sizes. 

Floor Size: 9'-10" x 9'-10" x 1.5", Color: Black/White, ($2200.00, does not include shipping)

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