The large number of events, incentives, stage productions, open airs, trade fairs, concerts, tours, presentations, kick-offs, etc. has for a long time necessitated a search for special effects to give visitors, who are increasingly tired of the multitude of events, a unique, unforgettable experience. And this has become even more difficult in times of "augmented reality" or "virtual reality" on a (live) stage. With digitalisation, expectations have grown, "event benchmarking" follows ever higher standards. At the same time, budgets are not getting any bigger, the use of huge LED walls or elaborate pyro effects in stage productions remains the preserve of a few, commercially very successful, artists.

This is where the VISUAL EFFECTS materials from Gerriets come into action.

Transparency in perfection

The self-adhesive and highly transparent projection film INVISCREEN® transforms previously unused glass and window panes into real projection surfaces.

Film by Gerriets

Texts that float out of the projection screen - images that stand out from the screen - films, close enough to touch.

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