Umkirch, 08. December 2022

As one of the oldest and largest manufacturer of dance floors for all types of dance in the world, we have produced, supplied and installed our VARIO CLASSIC on the stages and rehearsal halls of the world for over 60 years, we are now looking forward to a whole new generation of VARIO dance floors.

With our decades of experience and after intensive test series with dance professionals, we will from now on produce all our VARIO dance floors with a specially developed glass fleece insert.

Easier to handle, more dimensionally stable, more resilient, more durable. Lies and stays in place, even at colder temperatures.

The new generation of VARIO dance floors looks like this:

  • VARIO PRO 1.2  (earlier VARIO CLASSIC 1.2)
    • Thickness: 1,20 mm

    Due to its double-sided, matt surface, it can be used for all types of dance and events with an average load.

  • VARIO MOVE 2.0  (earlier VARIO 2.0)
    • Thickness: 2,00 mm

    Despite its low weight per unit area, this dance floor is extremely robust. Can be used on all event, theatre and opera stages with increased loads.

  • VARIO MOTION 2.6  (earlier VARIO 2.4)
    • Thickness: 2,60 mm

    Strong dance floor with high weight per unit area. Can be used on all event, theatre and opera stages with very high loads.

And we are not standing still: further dance floors to round off our product portfolio are currently in development and will be available soon.